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Stuck in a Jewelry Rut?


How many of us have our jewelry boxes filled to the brim with stunning rings, necklaces, bracelets and more, and yet we put on the same pieces day after day? I raised my hand - did you?

Why do we do this, when we change our clothes every day, and most likely have that perfect piece to pair with it sitting in our jewelry box? Some of us are just creatures of habit - I know I am! Plus, it’s easy - just toss on your go-to earrings and ring and you're good to go, right?

No more! You have all that beautiful jewelry, and let’s not deny it, we are all getting older, so there is no better time to enjoy them than NOW.

Here are a few steps to get yourself in the habit of switching things up. Try a few and you will see - people will notice, and you will feel great knowing that you are getting your money’s worth and wearing your precious jewels!


1. Refresh your mind - pull all your jewelry out one day and just look at it. I bet you forgot that you even had some of them! While you're at it, snap some pictures of everything and keep a copy somewhere safe.

2. As you pull out your pieces, make mental notes as to which pieces pair nicely with your favorite outfits. Maybe even hold some up to a few dresses or shirts to see how they work.

3. Re-organize your jewelry. Making your jewelry accessible and easy to view is key. Watch out for my upcoming blog on how to re-organize your jewelry!

4. Forget about matching, and just choose what you are in the mood for. Wearing white gold with yellow gold or pearls with diamonds is perfectly acceptable, and in my opinion, so today! Feel free to layer away girls!

5. Try something new once in awhile; for example, take your favorite pin, and maybe place it in a way you have never tried before, maybe on your coat, your scarf, or your hat... the options are endless. Spend those five minutes playing with it, and I bet you will love the outcome and all the compliments!

Don’t delay - what better time to start wearing your precious collection than today?

If you feel like you are missing something, or need a new fun piece to add your life, visit my entire collection here!  

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