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Designer's Dream


I sit in front of my mirror gazing into my reflection, when suddenly my thoughts are pushed aside as my husband leans over to give me a warm kiss. In one swift motion, he pulls out a black box and hands it to me with a mischievous look in his eyes. I slowly inch my way towards the box and am amazed at the contents. Inside is a gorgeous, long, delicate pearl necklace. I slip it on and turn to look at my reflection once more, only this time, my reflection tells a new story. I run my fingers over the tiny woven pearls and with every passing inch, I feel myself slipping into a bygone era.

These are the moments that every jewelry designer dreams of. The feeling of gratification when the work that they have poured their heart and soul into continues to become something meaningful and special to others. I strive for my pieces to do just that. Each and every one of my designs tells a story. Whether it takes you back to the roaring twenties, or simply reminds you of a happy memory, it has a purpose and it has a meaning.

Each of my designs start with pencil, paper, and an inspiration. My artistry mainly stem from antique and vintage pieces. Once I have drawn a design, the magic begins and the piece begins to come alive. The necklace described above is one of my favorites. It is a seed pearl sautoir, much like the ones worn in the 1920’s. It features over 3,200 tiny seed pearls hand woven in a lattice-like pattern with two beautiful filigree centerpieces, and a tassel to finish.

I hope that by starting this blog - I can inspire you to see jewelry in a different way!

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