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Hand Woven Seed Pearl and Diamond Bracelet


I enjoy creating my custom pieces when I can sit down with my customer and work out a design based on her likes and wants for the final piece. I am inspired by listening to what she envisions and also by looking at the special piece she would like included in the bracelet or necklace.

One day, I was shown a beautiful diamond and pearl clasp which instantly inspired me to create a bracelet that the client could enjoy and wear every day. The customer loved the clasp, but it was not highlighted on the existing pearl necklace that it connected. I combined the customer’s ideas with mine and went straight to the drawing board.

I re-purposed a diamond stick pin into a centerpiece, and wove it together with a unique seed pearl pattern which perfectly complemented the clasp. The result was a stunning bracelet which featured the client’s family’s heirloom clasp.

RachelsDesign specializes in custom made jewelry. If you are interested in learning more feel free to contact for more information!


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