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Hand Woven Garnet Chain with Locket


As a jewelry designer, I have seen many pieces of jewelry over the years, but there a few pieces that I believe are "must-haves" in every woman's jewelry collection. First is a beautiful pearl necklace. Pearls are timeless and pair well with everything. Second is a pair of diamond earrings. Whether yours are dangles or studs, it does not matter, as diamonds are perfect for everyday or special event wear. Third and most importantly, is a piece of jewelry that is meaningful to you.

I personally regard jewelry as a place to hold our memories and display them at the same time. For example, the ring a husband proposed with not only acts as a literal display of being married, but it also holds the memories of the stories behind it. Perhaps it also belonged to a great grandmother, or maybe it floods your heart with memories of how and where the proposal took place.

For this client, a beautiful Art Nouveau locket which held pictures of her grandchild and great-grandchild was the magical piece of jewelry that held memories which she wanted to display and look at every day. Garnet seed beads were hand woven into a long chain and the locket dangled beautifully. Nothing was more meaningful to me as when I presented her with the necklace and witnessed tears of joy flooding her eyes. I am so thankful that my passion for jewelry design gives others happy memories to cherish forever!

RachelsDesign specializes in custom made jewelry. If you are interested in learning more feel free to contact for more information!

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