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Hand Woven Seed Pearl and Blue Topaz Sautoir


After 6 years of enjoying designing and making hand woven jewelry, and watching them being enjoyed and loved, I decided I wanted to make a special necklace to keep in my family and pass down to my daughters. Thus, I was both the client and the creator in this case! I started my design with an exquisite antique blue topaz filigree pin and paired it with an extra link from my filigree bracelet. I used the smallest seed pearls I have ever used, and began weaving a long necklace, or sautior. The final result is a gorgeous necklace that I enjoy wearing everyday and am so excited to one day see my girls enjoying it as much as I do.

RachelsDesign specializes in custom made jewelry. If you are interested in learning more feel free to contact for more information!


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